Directors and Officers


Dwain Brady Gary W. Claxton J.R. Duke
David L. Anderson Gene Giles David B. Murphy
Carolyn P. Murphy Jim D. Payne Kevin Smith
Charles Thomas Lynn C. Vincent Travis Wall


Jim D. Payne - Chairman Emeritus Lynn C. Vincent - Public Relations David B. Murphy - Chairman of Board, CEO
Kevin Smith - President & Chief Financial Officer Mitch Davis - Asst. Vice President Carolyn P. Murphy - General Council
& Human Resources & BSA Officer
Cody Cockerham - Vice President
Ronnette Cooke - Auditor & Compliance Chris Smith - Vice President
Mike Whiddon - Vice President Jameson Ritter - Controller Lisa Thomas - Convenience Bank Manager
Christy Whatley - Operations Officer
Tracy Hildebrand - Banking Officer Melissa Edge - Trust Officer
Debbie Bellows - Banking Officer
Jameson Ritter - Controller Janet Endsley - Banking Officer 
& Human Resources 
Missy Atkerson - Assistant Cashier Kathy Porter - IT Officer