Direct Deposit

If you have tax refund or other government check, you may be eligible to have your funds deposited directly into your First State Bank & Trust Company checking or savings account! No more trips to the bank to deposit one check, Direct Deposit will save you time and money.

Direct Deposit is available for Social Security payments, Supplemental Security income, Veterans Benefits, Military Retirement, Federal Employee Salaries and Pensions, as well as other payments. First State Bank & Trust Company makes receiving your payment quick and easy with Direct Deposit!

What are some of the advantages of Direct Deposit?

It's fast.

When you use Direct Deposit, your funds will actually arrive in your bank account before you would have received your check! This makes them available for use much sooner, because there's no waiting for a check in the mail and then making the trip to the bank to deposit it.

It's easy.

You don't have to visit the bank each time you want your funds deposited. Your funds will be automatically deposited into your account each time you would normally receive a check. They will then be available for immediate withdrawal.

It's safe.

There's no check to worry about being lost or stolen. With Direct Deposit, your funds are immediately deposited into your account, so there's no work on your part. And each transfer into your account will show up on your monthly statement as well as our 24 Hour Touchtone Banking service.

Does Direct Deposit cost me anything?

No. There's absolutely no cost to you to use Direct Deposit! You'll simply receive your funds safer, quicker, and easier than if you waited for your check in the mail.

You may even be able to receive your paycheck through Direct Deposit*! It depends on your employer, of course, but stop by the bank or call New Accounts today to see if you can take advantage of this free service!

*Not all employers make Direct Deposit available to their employees. You must arrange with your employer and the bank to have this service used for your paycheck. For more information, see a New Accounts representative.